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About Norton Lights

It all started in 2006 with some brotherly competition. My brother Jon challenged me to a Crazy Christmas Contest to see who could put up more lights in their yard. I set the bar by putting a strand of lights on every single clapboard of my house. My brother Jon was pretty stiff competition, his house was amazing, but in the end I prevailed (but not by much). With all of the publicity of the contest we decided to put a bucket out to collect canned goods, but had no idea at how generous people would be. We were able to make a few trips to St. Mary’s Food Pantry in Wells and we amazed by people’s generosity.

That was it….I was hooked. It was so much fun to decorate the house and yard and even more fun to see people’s reactions. My family and I spend many hours planning what we will do next. In 2007 we dabbled with animation, using a computer to change the front of the house from red to green. In 2008 we bought our first two “Light-O-Rama” computer boards that use a program to set your lights to music. By using this program and an FM transmitter we are able to set the house to music and you can hear the music play on your own car radio (88.9 FM) when you drive by.

I am having a lot of fun with this new hobby and creating the displays. The time I get to spend with my sons building the circuit boards and creating the displays is priceless. My wife has the patience of a saint, but she truly loves the whole process and the joy it brings to others. One of the biggest joys I get is seeing the children’s expressions when they come by for the first time, although some come by again and again.

2009 was a fantastic year! Our first annual "OPERATION: SCARE 'N SHARE" was a huge success and we made several trips to St. Mary’s Food Pantry with everyone’s generous donations.

Christmas was SPECTACULAR and we had many, many nights of long car lines waiting to see the show. Together with our community we raised $6003!!!! This was enough to name Nortonlights as official “Wishmakers” for Make A Wish of Maine! Thank you everyone for your tremendous support. With all of your donations we were able to grant a wish to Hayley Desjardins of Saco, Maine and she went to Disney World with her family.

We look forward to 2011 with great anticipation and we can’t wait to start the show!

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Spreading Christmas light at a time